Monstera deliciosa, Split Leaf Philodendron.

This website is designed to help people identify and enjoy landscape plants in Southwest Florida.

I teach the Florida Nursery Grower Landscape Association (FNGLA) Certified Horticulture Professional class in the Fort Myers/Naples area. Our textbook includes a list of 183 South Florida plants to identify. That leads us to this website. It’s an album of photos that I have taken showing these plants in local nurseries and landscapes.

This is how I learned to identify hundreds of trees, shrubs, evergreens, and groundcovers in college – by sitting in front of a screen and scrolling past photos of plants with their names. And then getting out in the field and applying that knowledge. Granted, the best way to know a plant is to see the real thing: to touch it, to plant it, to prune it, to grow it. So, I present to you this format, arranged in the same order as the FNGLA textbook to help you drill. Then, get out there and get your hands dirty!

The column on the right will lead you on a tour of Palms, Shrubs, Bedding Plants, etc. Click on “Photo Gallery” and enjoy.

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